After your race, it is time to visit various exciting places and activities in Trollhättan. All study visits require a pre-order and it is first come first served. Below you find a list with different study visits and you choose the package that you think feels most interesting and exciting.

Buses will depart from your event area and they will be clearly marked with the different study visits that you have pre-booked. All excursions will have an english-speaking guide.

Last application date for the excursions is May 17.


Package 1– SAAB Car Museum & Film I Väst

Join a guided tour at the SAAB Car Museum

The Saab Car Museum collections comprise around 120 cars and approximately 70 of them are on show. The first one was the Saab 92001, which is more commonly known as ”Ursaaben”  from 1947. It has a distinct aerodynamic shape signed by Sixten Sason. Most of the cars have their history in the company after being produced and they are divided into different categories, for example prototypes, test cars, official, company cars, racing cars etc. The Saab Car Museum contains many milestones concerning the 4.4 million or so cars that have been produced over the years. Everything from the Swedish welfare state’s Saab 92 to the Saab 9-4X and Saab 9-5 prestige vehicles.  From two-stroke to turbo.

100 participants


Join a guided tour at Film i Väst (Trollywood)

Trollhättan is often called “Trollywood” thanks to Film I Väst, which has its seat in Trollhättan. The head office was founded in 1996 in Trollhättan. Film I Väst creates the conditions for film productions by contributing to the funding of film project, more than 300 films have been co-produced here since 1997. This means that many famous Swedish and international stars have visited Trollhättan to participate in film recordings.

100 participants


Package 2 – Guided tour at Olidan Power Station & Insikten

Guided tour at Olidan Hydro Power Station & Insikten

Experience one of Sweden’s oldest industrial buildings still in use! The power station Olidan is located at Göta Älv in Trollhättan. It was the first large-scale attempt to produce electricity via hydropower in Sweden. In 1910 Olidan began to supply electricity to industry and railways. It was the starting signal for the expansion of Sweden's rivers. The power station was built by the Swedish State. It is still owned and runned by the State via the company Vattenfall. It is a unique and magnificent construction built in red granite stone. From the beginning, Olidan had a total of thirteen units, nine of them are still in operation and produce electricity today.

Insikten is a exhibition area with information regarding energy sources.

50 participants


Package 3 – M/S Elfkungen & guided tour in the lock area

Explore the Göta Älv River from the boat M/S Elfkungen

M/S Elfkungen is one of Sweden's oldest and best-preserved archipelago ships and was built in 1875.  During the trip, our guide will tell you about Trollhättan's Fall and Lock system and the background to the three different lock systems in Trollhättan. The boat takes you along Göta Älv, through the lock system and into the center (the trip ends at Hotel Scandic Swania).

The tour is divided into two parts. Boat tour and guided tour in the lock area.

190 participants


Package 4 – Introduction to PTC & N3



Package 5 – Canal Museum & guided tour in the Lock Area

Visit the Canal Museum and join a guided tour at Trollhättans lock-system

Enjoy the surroundings and stories from the 18th century until today!
Enter a hundred-year building, and take part in the history behind the Trollhätte canal and lock system. Here you can, among other things, look at different boat models, the well-preserved dive suit from the 19th century and much more. After the museum visit, our guide will walk you through the lock area and tell you about the different lock systems, its history and its function.

50 participants

Photo: Sören Lindqvist